Welcome to Doctor Mother Love!

DMLPictureDoctor Mother Love gained her namesake when her brother-in-law called her “Mother Love” because of her extraordinary, caring nature that extended well past her own family. The title “Doctor” was added after she earned her doctorate from Boston University.

Doctor Mother Love was born and raised in Africa and was educated in the United States. She left Nigeria at the age of 23. At the time, she was relieved to leave behind the bitter memories of a civil war that forced her family to live in a refugee camp for three years.

Doctor Mother Love’s accomplishments include a Doctor of Education in Health and Family Life Education, a Master of Science in Public Health Administration, and dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing and Chemistry. One of the driving ambitions that motivates Doctor Mother Love is spreading her knowledge throughout the world regarding issues that she holds close to her heart. She returned to Nigeria to lecture at various notable universities and has also served as a guest lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Throughout her life, Doctor Mother Love has experienced the full spectrum of the bittersweet life of an African woman: she has dealt with values of traditional African culture, which can often contradict the demands of Western civilization. Doctor Mother Love has emerged from her own life’s struggles and experiences not as a victim, but as a survivor. The goal of Doctor Mother Love is to share her knowledge and educate those who are struggling with issues relating to love, marriage, and various aspects of relationships as they pertain to one’s traditional culture.